Have a question?

We understand you may have some questions about our developing vision for the current Parklea Markets site.

Why are you developing a vision now?

The reason for developing a vision now is to inform our Planning Proposal. The Planning Proposal will seek to change the zoning of the Parklea Markets site from a ‘special purpose classification’, to one that would allow for a combination of mixed use (retail and community facilities) and residential, including both medium and high density dwellings types and open green spaces.

What is happening to the Parklea Markets site?

Nothing in the short term. It is business as usual. We are currently developing our long-term vision for the site, and want to hear from residents and businesses in the area together with market visitors about:

  • what you currently value about the Parklea/Glenwood neighbourhood?
  • what does this community need in terms of future green spaces, connectivity and dynamic places to visit?
  • what do you value about the current markets and what do you not value?
  • what makes you proud to be a local resident or visitor to the area?

Does this mean the markets will close soon?

No. When the Parklea site was sold in 2015, a commitment was made to keep the markets open for at least five years into the future. This has now been extended through to 2023. This period is only half way through, and therefore the markets will be open for at least two more years with business as usual.

What will be built on the current Parklea Markets site?

If the Planning Proposal is approved, the new zoning of the site will accommodate mixed use, including retail and community facilities and residential, including both medium and high-density dwellings, and open green spaces. We are only in the early stages of developing our vision and are keen to understand what you value about what is here now and what you think your community needs in the future. Email us at parklea@elton.com.au

How long is the planning approval process?

We anticipate it will take several years for all the planning approvals to be made. In fact, there will be on-going approvals sought for different stages of the site over the next decade. Change will be slow.

Will there still be a place for the markets?

Our vision is to retain some aspects of the market, but we’d like to hear your ideas. Email us at parklea@elton.com.au

How do I get involved?

Send us your thoughts. We want your ideas, vision and aspirations for the area. We are committed to consulting with the community over the next 10 years as we develop a shared vision for the site.
Our first two community pop sessions will be held at the Parklea Markets site, on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March between 9am – 1pm. Please drop by and let us know your aspirations for the future of this site. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can also send us your thoughts via email, phone or this website.

How long will the transformation take?

This is a long process. The transformation is expected to take approximately ten to fifteen years to complete.

How much green space will be on site?

We want to see a future community surrounded by nature. We’d like to have tree lined boulevards, bike tracks and green spaces for passive and active recreation. Please tell us what you think is needed.

Will the facilities be exclusively for the use of the residents?

No. We want this to be a destination for the whole community. A place where you can relax in a green, garden setting, but also a place to meet with friends over coffee, or to attend community events. Please tell us what facilities and green spaces are needed. Email us at parklea@elton.com.au

What are the next steps?

Developing the vision will help to inform the Planning Proposal that will be lodged to Blacktown in the second quarter of 2018.

Do you have a question or suggestion?

Please email us at parklea@elton.com.au or call us on 1800 459 745. We look forward to hearing from you.